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power flushing oldham

By December 26, 2012No Comments

Power flush oldham video below,,This powerflush was completed on xmas eve 2012 in oldham,system was a vokera combi boiler with realy restricted 10mm microbore pipework feedding all the radiators ,some of the radiators had very bad cold patches on them and were just not geting hot,,after we had power flushed the system with our new power flush machine and Best kamco chemicals all the radiators heated upo nicely again as confirmed with our thermal camera,,if you require any power flushing in oldham or surrounding area,s give me a call or contact me through our website,,remember we are upto 50% cheaper than the major utility companys for our powerflushing service and issue certificates of powerflush on completion .Tel  07836 353 985 or 0161 440 9675 or email through website ,,we are always happy to help and give advice..Barry ayres