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Pro-Powerflush Terms & Conditions
These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between us and you for the Powerflush of your central heating system. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully.
You should pay particular attention to Clause 8 which sets out the extent of our liability under this contract. These Terms and Conditions are written to be as clear and self-explanatory as possible but if there is anything that you do not understand or would like clarification on please call us on Tel 07836 353 985

The following definitions apply in these Terms and Conditions:
Central heating system – means the central heating system at the Premises including:
(i) the Boiler;
(ii) the Controls (including electrical temperature controls);
(iii) all pipes, radiators, valves, hot water cylinders and the central heating header tank.
Contract – means these Terms and Conditions.
Controls – means the programmer/time clock, room thermostat (if fitted), cylinder thermostat (if fitted) and zone valves (but excluding the fused spur switch and any thermostatic radiator valves).
Powerflush – means the Powerflush of your central heating system as further set out in clause 3.2.
Premises – means the domestic address where the Powerflush is carried out.
Price – means the price you must pay for the Powerflush.
You/your – the person or people who have entered into this contract with us.

2.1 These Terms and Conditions shall become binding on you and us when:
2.1.1 You make a verbal Powerflush appointment; or
2.1.2 We receive payment of the price; whichever is the earlier, at which point this Contract shall come into existence.
2.2 Any quotation for the Powerflush is given on the basis that a binding contract shall only come into existence in accordance with clause 2.1.
2.3 Where we do not carry out an inspection of your central heating system before giving you a quotation, we will be relying on the information provided by you in giving
this quotation. Should this information be inaccurate or if following an inspection of your central heating system we are unable to offer this product for any reason, we may
increase the price or cancel this contract as a result. If we increase the price, we will tell you as early and as clearly as possible.
2.4 You must pay the price in full upon completion of the Powerflush on the same working day as the powerflush was carried out. We will endeavour to carry out the Powerflush on the date(s) we have agreed with you. However, occasionally performance may be affected by factors beyond our control and so this cannot be guaranteed. We will let you know if we become aware of an unexpected delay and we will arrange with you new date(s) to carry out the power flush.

3.1 Prior to carrying out the Powerflush, our engineer will advise you of any deficiencies with your central heating system that may cause the problem with your central heating system to return after the Powerflush has been undertaken. In these circumstances our engineer will provide you with a quote for the cost of carrying out any
additional work which may be necessary. If you decline to have the necessary work done, we may cancel this Contract and you will have to pay us any costs we have
reasonably incurred in connection with the contract which we shall be entitled to invoice you for.
3.2 In carrying out a Powerflush of your central heating system, We shall:
3.2.1 Add chemicals to your central heating system;
3.2.2 sometimes remove your central heating pump on open vent or sealed central heating systems and check it’s condition. We will tell you if it needs replacing and provide a quote for us to do this;
3.2.3 Use a Kamco powerflush machine or a proflush powerflush machine to flush through each radiator and section of your central heating system including the boiler;
3.2.4 Add an inhibitor to your central heating system once the work has been completed, which will help to prevent future corrosion inside the central heating System.
3.3 When carrying out the Powerflush, We will:
3.3.1 take reasonable care to keep your premises clean :
3.3.2 take reasonable care to avoid disruption at your premises;
3.3.3 remove all waste material;
3.3.4 clean up after ourselves.

3.5 Whilst we will use all reasonable endeavours to discover any deficiencies with your central heating system before carrying out the Powerflush, we are not responsible
for any damage caused by the Powerflush as a result of any faulty components and equipment in your central heating system , poorly made joints this being especially in respect of plastic push fit joints wich can come apart if not correctly installed or have not been installed with inserts as per manufacture recommendations or compression joints not fitted correctly or badly soldered copper joints -pin-holed radiators caused by internal or external corrosion or faulty radiators defects in metal etc – old leaking radiator valves or leaking central heating pump valves or any leaking gate valves or any leaking hot water cylinders or leaking faulty coils in indirect cylinders any leaking feed and expansion tanks or any leaking in central heating pipes under floors or walls in your home or premises- leaking central heating systems pipes and manifolds and joints in central heating pipes are mostly under floors or walls and we have no way of knowing how good any central heating system installation is until we actually start the powerflush process so we can not be held responsible for any leaks or any water damage from leaks to carpets or furnishings floors or walls or electrical equipment or any damage in your home caused by leaks before or after the powerflush process.
3.6 PLASTIC PIPED SYSTEMS WARNING Plastic piped central heating systems: prior to any power flush booking we will ask you if you are aware of any plastic pipes leading to radiators or radiator valves or if you are aware of any plastic central heating pipes under your floors or walls plastic piped systems are not always successfully power flushed as they get so badly blocked with corrosion that power flushing may just not solve the problem with your central heating system! Also if the plastic pipes have not been installed correctly ie missing inserts not pushed home joints , leaking o rings etc the joints may actually come apart upon applying the increased flow via the powerflushing process so you will always be asked this in my questions before any booking of the powerflush process, and i may also sometimes advise to actually have the system repiped in a better material mainly being copper pipe ! upon my recommendations and warning if you decide to go ahead and want to try the powerflush process with your plastic piped central heating system full payment for the powerflush will still be due even if the powerflush process is not succesfull ! also any leaks from plastic pipe joints or manifolds or any damage from leaks to your property from plastic pipes or joints we will not be held responsible in any way as prior warning have been given as above in section 3.6
3.7 underfloor heating mainly comprises of plastic pipes due to the nature of these instalments sometimes these pipes are crushed under the floor covering and also as we can not see the pipes apart from possibly with a thermal camera we have no way of knowing how good the installation is or how good the joints are of the installation so we can not be held responsible for any leaks or damage to any property or furnishings including carpets floor coverings being wood/tile carpet etc
3.8 Boilers sometimes but very rare boiler heat exchangers may not be possible to clear with powerflushing ,Boilers nearing end of life can possibly have leaking or faulty heat exchangers or other components if we notice this we will inform you at the time of powerflushing we are not responsible for any boiler leaks or boiler heat exchanger failures during our powerflush service if your boiler heat exchanger fails that is because your boiler heat exchanger or components may be nearing the end of their working life no flushing of the central heating system boiler woud cause the boiler heat exchanger to leak unless it was faulty and nearing end of life before the actual powerflush process we woud have no way of knowing this before we powerflushed or possibly even after we powerflushed the central heating system ,powerflushing only removes sludge corrosion and debris ,obviously some boilers are badly blocked and do clear and come back to life after the powerflush process but if any leaks appear it is solely because of the corrosion that has happened prior to the powerflush process and we can not be held liable in any way for any boiler failures during or after the powerflush process

4.1 The Powerflush will be carried out by our engineers with all reasonable skill and care.
4.2 Any additional radiators we have not been told about when giving a quote is subject to a charge of up to £45.00 per extra radiator.

5.1 You are responsible for making sure that:
5.1.1 conditions at the premises are suitable for us to carry out the Powerflush;
5.1.2 all the necessary facilities, services and supplies are already installed and working at the Premises. These include earthing and the supply of gas, electricity and Water.
5.2 If we consider that the conditions at your premises are not suitable for us to carry out the Powerflush.
5.3 Before We carry out the Powerflush, You must clear any furniture or fittings from any rooms or roof space that we need to enter to carry out the Powerflush. If you
would like us to carry out any exceptional clearing work,we can do so but we are not liable for any damage caused as result (unless we have been negligent) and we may
charge you a small amount to carry out this work (which we will agree with you beforehand).
5.4 If you do not comply with your obligations under clause 5 We will have the right to cancel the Contract in accordance with clause 7.1.

Treatment of our staff
6.1 You must at all times behave appropriately when our staff visit your premises. You must not physically or verbally abuse our staff in any circumstances.
6.2 If you physically or verbally abuse our staff who visit your premises, we may cancel your contract.
Access to Premises
6.3 It is your responsibility to let us into the premises at the time of our appointment to carry out the Powerflush. If we are not able to gain access to the premises at the
time of the appointment, because you are not available to provide access we will not be able to carry out the Powerflush. In these circumstances, we will write to you and
inform you that we were not able to carry out the Powerflush.
6.4 If we fail to gain access to your premises to carry out the Powerflush at the time of the appointment, we reserve the right to charge you for our costs in attending your
premises for that appointment. If we fail to gain access on two consecutive occasions, we may cancel your contract.

7.1 Neither you nor we may cancel this contract unless:
7.1.1 the Terms and Conditions allow it; or
7.1.2 We are in breach of any of the terms of this contract in which case you shall be entitled to cancel the contract; or
7.1.3 You are in breach of any of the terms of this contract, in which case we shall be entitled to cancel the contract; or
7.1.4 there is a health and safety issue that means it is inappropriate for the contract to continue, in which case, we may cancel the contract.
7.2 If you cancel the contract in accordance with clause
7.1.2, our liability to you is set out in clause 8.
7.3 Without affecting any other right or remedy we may have, if we cancel the contract, where we are permitted to do so under clause 7.1, we shall be entitled to claim our
reasonable costs in carrying out the contract until the date of cancellation.

8.1 We are liable for death or personal injury caused by our negligence and for any other matter for which it would be illegal or unlawful for us to exclude or limit or attempt to exclude or limit our liability.
8.2 We are responsible for any direct loss that is a foreseeable consequence of our breaching this contract, our negligence or our breach of statutory duty. We are not liable
for any other loss, including (but not limited to):
8.2.1 losses caused by an event or circumstances beyond our reasonable control;
8.2.2 any loss of income, revenue, profit or anticipated savings;
8.2.3 any business losses.
8.3 We are not liable for:
8.3.1 any damage caused by failures of your central heating system, that result from your decision not to carry out remedial work that We have recommended;
8.3.2 normally insured risks, such as subsidence, structural repairs, fire, theft, accident, explosion, flood or storm;
8.3.3 remedial work arising from structural or renovation work carried out in the premises by you or a third party, or for example the removal of radiators or addition of new
equipment or system extensions.


9.1 This contract is personal to you and the premises. You may not transfer your rights or obligations under this contract to any other person or property without our prior
written consent.
9.2 We may transfer our rights and obligations under this contract to another company. If we do so, this will not affect our and your obligations or liabilities under this
9.3 Nothing in this contract will affect either our or your statutory rights.
9.4 If two or more people have entered into this contract with us, each person will be jointly and severally liable to us for any money owed. This means we will be entitled
to claim all of the money owed from any person.
9.5 This contract is governed by the laws of England and Wales