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Barry ayres experience and intelligence in cleaning all central heating systems since 1999 we are simply the best …

Fully Gas Safe registered number 555837

Competively priced and CERTIFICATED to BS7593

British gas Customers welcome possibly up to 50% cheaper and a fantastic job ! Remember this is what we do feel free to see our reviews on google and yell ! and also see our power flushing videos 

WE are a power flushing company that offers the highest quality corrosion Rust and sludge removal from your central heating system radiators ,pipework and boilers .we have been doing this sort of work since 1999 their is no better company to do your powerflushing work, We have the specialist equipment power flushing pumps, powerflushing magnets, Thermal imaging cameras and radiator vibrating equipment to successfully powerflush your central heating system and get it working like it shoud be making cold radiators hot again cleaning out central heating pipeworks and fixing noisy boilers due to overheating and Blocking with hardened sludge. We guarantee you an efficient central heating system with hotter water and lower energy bills and a safer more efficient revived boiler and central heating system .our powerflushing work takes most of the working day to complete we are very tidy lay matts down and respect your property their is no mess ,,if you require the Best powerflush of your central heating system either call me on 07836 353985 or press the fill out the quote form on website and we will contact you, Barry ayres pro powerflushing


Combi boiler systems

Open vent indirect systems

Sealed central heating systems

Wet Underfloor central heating systems

Duel boiler systems



Pro powerflushing was set up by Barry Ayres in 1999, Barry was featured on Television, northwest tonght in the winter of jan 2010 Due to his commitment to getting to customers’ homes quickly after customers had burst pipes and faced a major emergency situations, since then he has served many customers both domestic and commercial clients across the North West and solved their power flushing needs. 

Barry set up the powerflushing buiseness when he noticed that More customer,s were coming to him with similar problems such as . .




these are just some of the reasons why you need a profesional Powerflush for your system.  So call today on 07836 353985 for a free quote