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Commercial power flushing manchester

By December 29, 2012No Comments

316 Commercial power flushing service in manchester & the north west uk

Why you need it – Please see our video Below 

offices/factorys/pubs/hotels/older cast iron    radtiator systems /clubs/guesthouses etc

competive pricing -power flushing to BS 5793 standard only using the Best equipment and Chemicals /fully insured/minimum disruption

Central heating systems must undergo regular servicing and maintenance to ensure 017.jpgcorrect system efficiency and performance. A poorly maintained central heating system is likely to use significantly more fuel  in order to achieve desired room temperatures. For larger commercial premises such as offices,schools,hospitals, local authority buildings etc, failure to maintain a central heating system could result in fuel costs running into Thousands of pounds more per year if the system is not running as efficiently as it shoud be doing,In our experience these central heating systems are usualy older systems even if the Boiler has been updated the radiator circuits and pipework are usualy fairly old and full of rust restricting the flow and making the Boiler work hard ,hence the need for power flushing,,,Tel 07836 353 985  or 0161 440 9675 – or contact us through our website

We use thermal imaging for the Best results