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Boiler Turning On and Off

cycling and overheating

This Boiler was turning on and off Cycling and overheating ! you may have blockages in your system pipework or boiler ! Have you been told you may even need a new boiler ? Do you realy need a new Boiler ? We think differently and we can possibly save save you £1000 s of pounds ! please watch video for explanation !

We see many new boiler replacements when we work and very often we see fully functional Boilers replaced for no reason other than they just needed a professional power flushing service ! Basicaly i see a lot of my customers who have had new boilers without a proper powerflushing and they call me last as they discover this and they have the same problem the Boiler cuts out overheats and most of the time its down to blockages in the central heating system including possibly in the Boiler itself ! If only they had called me first even Before they decided to get a new boiler chances are they did not even need a new boiler in the first place this would have saved the customer possibly £2000 – £3000 !

Now also even if you do need a new Boiler woud you realy want all the old sludge and rust and corrsion and magnatite running through your new boiler ? think of it as puting a new engine in your car and then puting the old dirty oil back in the engine you just woud not do it ! if a heating engineer just flushes a central heating system through with water after he installs your brand new boiler from a tap or hose he is not doing his job properly and this will not break down the corrosion that professional power flushing with a powerful powerflush pump with correct chemicals and inhibitors this is the only way to clean central heating system properly my name is barry ayres i am a Gas Safe registered engineer and my company is called and i professionaly powerflush central heating systems to BS7593 STANDARD i believe i am one of the Best power flushing companys in the country and my prices are extremely competitive and as stated i coud end up saving you a lot of money as you may not need a new Boiler !

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