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The CLEARFLOW CF90 QUANTUM® is a purpose-built tool for power flushing heating and cooling systems to cure the circulation and noise problems which often occur with time or as a result of design or installation faults. These problems are generally caused by accumulations of sludge, corrosion deposits, and scale which need to be removed.

The CLEARFLOW CF90 QUANTUM pump is temporarily connected to a system, so that the high water velocity, combined with an instantaneous flow-reversing device, dislodges and mobilises sludge and corrosion deposits, even those which resist traditional cleaning methods.

Having loosened and mobilised the debris, the CLEARFLOW pump forcibly expels it from the system through full-bore dump valves, and out to waste, using a high-velocity flow of fresh water.

Radiators and other heat emitters may be individually flushed without removal or disconnection from the system. After the power flush, the system is full of clean water, and reinstatement to normal operation takes only a few minutes.

The CF90 QUANTUM is built with acid-resistant materials and can handle all normal commercially available descaling and power flushing chemicals. It is suitable for power flushing commercial and industrial systems, and for descaling boilers and water heaters. It may also be used to circulate chlorine solutions for system sterilisation purposes.

We only use genuine Kamco power flushing chemicals when we flush your system, and that is after trying the other brands out in the market, basically in my experience they are just not up to the job,in fact a lot of the local plumbers merchants don’t seem to stock the Kamco chemicals in my area, so we have to  have them sent from Kamco itself, rest assured when pro power flush flush your system you are getting the very best treatment and the very best chemicals,