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How much does a power flush cost?

This all depends on the size of your system i.e. number of radiators.  To give you a good price it’s best to have a chat with us as we need to ask questions to get you a clear definitive answer.

But we can tell you it will be far cheaper than replacing your boiler etc, with gas boilers ranging from £1000 pounds to up to £3000, take a look on amazon for the latest prices here  though keep in mind you may not know what unit is required for your home and that does not include fitting etc.

We can always supply and fit a new boiler if required with a Gas Safe certificate once installed for peace of mind.

Should I power flush in winter or summer?

I was asked on my last power flush job last week if most customers leave the flushing until winter time, well to be honest they do was my reply

but that really is not the ideal time to flush the system, the last two winters have been terrible with many heating systems going down if I’m going to give any good advice on this subject I would say sooner than later, apart from anything else when the weather is warmer generally the system will be free and moving,

I personally would not wait until it gets cold!  As that’s when the majority of people do then you could be waiting days to get someone to look at it.  So avoid the rush hour in life where ever possible.

Also, start your system and run it up during summer, think of it like a car, if you dont start it up now and then it just won’t want to start at all eventually and that will be when you need it!

Are you Gas Safe registered?

Yes We are fully trained qualified and certified and insured to work on gas appliances, our gas-safe number is 555837

Why is my central heating not turning on?

Possible reasons: Thermostat issues, power supply problems, pilot light or ignition failure, or a malfunctioning control system.

Why is my central heating not producing enough heat?

Possible reasons:  Incorrect thermostat settings, dirty or clogged filters, air in the system, or a malfunctioning heating element.

Why is my central heating system making strange noises?

Possible reasons: Air trapped in the system, loose components, or pump problems.

Air is easy to bleed out of the system, loose components could be just something that needs tightening up, replacing a pump is normally around £40 to £140 for the pump plus labour costs to fit, if the pump it’s best to replace like for like so you have the right power and the connections are the same, have a look at them on amazon here We can off course supply the right pump and fit if required.

Why are some rooms in my house colder than others?

Possible reasons: Imbalanced heating distribution, clogged or damaged ducts, or issues with the radiator or heating element in specific rooms.

Why is my heating system taking a long time to warm up the house?

Possible reasons: Thermostat calibration, low water pressure, airlocks in the system, or an inefficient boiler.

Why is my central heating system cycling on and off frequently?

Possible reasons: Incorrect thermostat settings, a dirty or malfunctioning thermostat, or short cycling due to issues with the heat exchanger.

Why is my heating bill higher than usual?

Possible reasons: Inefficient system, poor insulation, thermostat settings, or a problem with the boiler or the kids have found the thermostat and tweaked it up!

Or these days it could be just down to the fact the UK privatised the energy and water companies, so the energy companies can make vast profits and the water companies pump sewage into rivers and seas around the UK.

Why is my heating system leaking water?

Possible reasons: A faulty pressure relief valve, a damaged pump, or a problem with the expansion tank.

Why is my central heating system not working after a power outage?

Possible reasons: The system may need to be reset or reprogrammed after a power interruption.

Why is my heating system not providing hot water as well?

Possible reasons: A malfunctioning water heater or a problem with the combination boiler.

Why is there no heat coming from the radiators?

Possible reasons: Air trapped in the radiators, a faulty pump, or a malfunctioning diverter valve.