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Central heating sealed system

By July 4, 2012No Comments

We recently sealed a central heating system in stockport, We actually power flushed the system a year previous with no problems with flow etc ,but we did notice at time of power flush that system was infact difficult to Bleed ,the property was a bungalow with the boiler in customers garage which in turn is a long way from the feed and vent tank in loft area,with flow and return running vertical for a long way in loft area, The air problem arise when british gas were called to change a pump in property a year after we the system, and they could not get the boiler firing after the pump install,Their conclusion on their report was that the system needed power flushing Customer called me,and i advised straight away how clean the actual system was left a year previously with inhibitor added etc ,but also advised how bad system was to Bleed at time of power flush,i advised that we seal the system we did and before we sealed the system we had to drain down and the system water was very clean from previous power flushing.
We done the work needed in loft area sealed system with pressure vessel filling loop and prv etc and pressurised and added inhibitor,Boiler fired straight away with no problems and a happy warm customer again.


If you need any central heating system sealed in the north west area call me on 07836 353 985