power flushing power flush

Power flushing or a power flush as it is sometimes referred to is a means to remove the  build up of sludge and rust in hot water and central heating systems by the use specialised equipment and chemicals to restore the system to its former optimum standard and efficiency Over time sludge and rust can block pipes and prevent the radiators from distributing the heat around your home. Sludge and rust can also seriously affect the efficiency of your central heating system making the radiators cold and possibly the boiler … Read More

Power Flushing Cost

Here is a guideline of Price Cost for Power flushing of a combination Boiler system with up to 9 radiators which includes all  KAMCO chemicals and sentinel x100 inhibitor added on completion of power flush to your system  £365.00  we cover a 60 mile radius of our base in stockport so please allow for extra fuel expense depending on were you are located,please allow a full day for power flush. BRITISH GAS CUSTOMERS WELCOME UP TO 50% CHEAPER BRITISH GAS CUSTOMERS OR ANY OTHER INSURANCE PROVIDERS OUR POWERFLUSH WILL NOT EFFECT YOUR … Read More