power flushing wilmslow video

power flushing wilmslow central heating system with rust and sludge in radiators and pipework customer had cold radiators at top of property,after we had power flushed the system all radiators heated up nicely once more Tel 07836 353 985 if you need any power flushing in wilmslow or surrounding area,s

power flushing poynton cheshire

We recently power flushed a central heating system in poynton cheshire see video Below and call if you require any powerflushing or just advice please call me  Tel 07836 353 985

central heating power flushing macclesfield

we recently power flushed a central heating system in macclesfield,system was open vented oil fired boiler 10 radiators and 2 towel radiators ,main problem was at one end of property the radiators were just not heating up as they shoud and were cold,tempretures were taken before and after completing flush ,,everything went as it shoud with one exeption that we diagnosed  the pump to be faulty ,we rebooked to come and change pump, when finished all radiators were up to tempreture and another happy customer with a warm house,,,click here to visit main site  … Read More