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Warrington powerflush

By February 28, 2012March 21st, 2012No Comments

We just completed a powerflush in warrington last week ,a nitemare job it was to ,the boiler kept cycling turning itself on and off ,,it was by far the worst system i have completed for a long time ,the 2 port valve switch was adrift of its setting and actualy not attatched to the valve at all,air was being drawn into pump and also into the automatic air vent on pipework,header tank was also in a very bad position about 16 inches above boiler ,we cleared the pipes on the system and boiler ,but it did indeed keep cycling ,we spent an awfull long time on this system ,but even we can not perform mirracles ,,so this job did not quiet go to plan ,,i informed the owner that realy he needs to make alterations to pipework and recomended also a full boiler service and possibly to seal the system and a new pump ,the pump was not infact very old but the fact that it had been pushing so much rust and sludge around to my mind made me think it woud certainly do no harm to fit one..