Hazel grove powerflush

Last week i was asked to do a powerflush in hazel grove ,the property was a three bed terreced ,normal indirect central heating system system with a fairly old gloworm boiler ,hot water cylinder in loft as well as pump ,it had cold radiators and a microbore piping to the radiators also,,the most noticeable thing about this job was the awfull noise that the boiler was making upon heating ,it was a very noisy screetching sound when it got up to tempreture,it woud cut out also and then start up again cycling,,ive never heard any boiler make such a bad noise and i advised the customer that altho the powerflush woud clean the system out and realy benefit the heating etc ,i wasnt sure if it woud actualy shut the noise up in the boiler ,,but 5 hour,s later fully flushed and inhibitor added etc ,,,it was just wonderfully quiet and heating up like a new system ,,This was for me and the customer very satisfying ,it was realy nice making that noise dissapear …call me on 07836353985 for details or any advice you may need if you are considering a powerflush,,thank you