The need for power flushing ,,,Central heating systems steadily corrode internal metal surfaces radiators,Boiler heat exchangers,Pipework,Valves etc, This eventualy causes sludge and Rust corrosion build-up, wich often collects in the bottom of radiators and other areas of your central heating system The build-up of sludge and corrosion prevents correct hot water flow wich can reduce the heat output tremendously ,sometimes systems are so badly sludged up that they simply just get get hot anymore! 

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sighns that your central heating coud need a power flush”

Cold Luke Warm RadiatorsCold Luke Warm Radiators are one of the symptoms that you have a problem with your central heating system and a professional powerflush off your central heating system will solve this problem. We use the latest Kamco professional equipment and fully trained

botom of radiator coldSlow Heating Response is one of the symptoms you need a powerflush on your central heating system, this is usually spotted when radiators take a long period if time to heat up or you dont get the heat out of them required, call us for free advice.

Power flush stockportPump Noises If you are hearing strange noises coming from your central heating pump, surges grating then this is a clear sign that your pump is struggling and becoming blocked with sludge then a powerflush is wise and can save the cost of replacing the pump.

boiler noiseBoiler noises, One of the signs that sludge and debris is building up is weird noises coming from the boiler, bangs and sudden surges can be heard if so then an inspection and powerflush of the system will solve this and be cheaper than a new boiler!

cheadle powerflushingPoor Hot water If you are finding that when you turn the tap on fully it’s running cold for a long period of time or goes cold when fully open then a powerflush is of benefit as this is a sign that the boiler is having a problem creating hot water. Call us for free advice.

blocked central heating pipePoor Circulation another common problem is the central heating system pipes get clogged up with sludge and debris.Below is a more detailed diagram showing symptons which indicate a central heating system that can benefit from a power flush