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Reduces costly fuel bills

Cleans the boiler and pipework

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are one of the symptoms that you have a problem with your central heating system and a professional powerflush off your central heating system will solve this problem. We use the latest Kamco professional equipment and fully trained.


is one of the symptoms you need a powerflush on your central heating system, this is usually spotted when radiators take a long period if time to heat up or you dont get the heat out of them required, call us for free advice.


If you are hearing strange noises coming from your central heating pump, surges grating then this is a clear sign that your pump is struggling and becoming blocked with sludge then a powerflush is wise and can save the cost of replacing the pump.


One of the signs that sludge and debris is building up is weird noises coming from the boiler, bangs and sudden surges can be heard if so then an inspection and powerflush of the system will solve this and be cheaper than a new boiler!


If you are finding that when you turn the tap on fully it’s running cold for a long period of time or goes cold when fully open then a powerflush is of benefit as this is a sign that the boiler is having a problem creating hot water.


Another common problem is the central heating system pipes get clogged up with sludge and debris.Below is a more detailed diagram showing symptons which indicate a central heating system that can benefit from a power flush, were all for educating our clients so they know what they should look for.

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Are you tired of shivering in the cold, watching your energy bills skyrocket, and living with an inefficient central heating system? Look no further –Pro Powerflushing is here to rescue you from the winter chill and even high energy costs!


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Why Choose us

for your Powerflushing Central Heating Systems in the North West?

Expertise You Can Trust

With years of experience, we have been doing this since 1999 and are fully trained on the latest specific machines like Kamco which is designed specifically for the safe power flushing of central heating systems so we know how to restore your system’s efficiency.

Energy Efficiency Matters

We care about your comfort and your wallet. A powerflush from us can save you money on your energy bills by making your system work efficiently, so you get the warmth you need without wasting energy.

Extended Lifespan

Regular powerflushing isn’t just about heating efficiency; it’s about prolonging the life of your central heating system. By removing corrosion and build-up, we help you avoid costly repairs and replacements. Think of it like a car service, if you try and run the same oil since the day you buy the car it will eventually cause you a major headache and expense.



Based on 148 reviews
Barry was professional from start to finish. Always keeping me updated on progress. He went above and beyond and the end result is way better than I ever expected.
Barry installed a new combi boiler for us and did a flush on the system. He is a really friendly, knowledgeable guy who wasn’t phased by our complicated old pipes. He even stayed late to get the job done which we were really thankful for. Highly recommended!!
Rachel Shelton
Rachel Shelton
Barry did a great job powerflushing our heating system. It's made a big difference to the performance of our radiators. I would strongly recommend his knowledge and professionalism.
Had the power flush in the summer and 3 months later seeing the benefits. Very professional, peasant and honest guy!
Fareed Bashir
Fareed Bashir
Barry arrived on time. Quickly accessing the system and keeping disruption to a minimum. He clearly has years of experience and explained fully any questions I asked him about the work involved. The fee charged was very competitive. I would not hesitate in recommending him.
Anthony Davies
Anthony Davies
Had Barry round to do a power flush on my central heating, i cant fault the guy turned up on time and stayed until i had hot water and heating, went above and beyond to clear the pipes and radiators, if your system needs a power flush i can highly recommend Barry.
derek harrison
derek harrison
Barry fitted several new radiators for us along with a new boiler and power flush, absolute top job and a great guy. I wouldn’t even consider anyone else now.
Fantastic service provided. Was on time, efficient, and explained the process along the way. Showed how dirty the system was. Went above and beyond to ensure the plate heat exchanger was free of dirt and the boiler as well. Very pleased and would highly recommend if your system hasn't been power flushed.
yas bala
yas bala
Barry did a thorough job flushing my system. Central heating now running like a dream. Professional, tidy explains everything and shows you the results. Would highly recommend.
Tim Hanson
Tim Hanson
Barry provided an excellent service flushing my parents’ heating system and altered some pipework to make the installation more efficient. The radiators have never been so warm and heated up as fast. Would highly recommend if your system is full of sludge.
Barry came bob on time, checked the heatetdand cracked on, all in all a great professional service from Pro Powerflushing. I would definitely recommend
Azz Khan
Azz Khan
Barry arrived as scheduled and got to work. The system hadn't been cleaned in years although a new boiler had been fitted approximately 3 years ago. There was a blockage in the pipework which meant the radiator in the living room wasn't getting very hot. Barry worked tirelessly to resolve the issue and kept me updated with videos via WhatsApp as he worked. System flow was restored and the heating is now fully functioning. Great service very professional, courteous and respectful of the property and furniture. Highly recommended.
Barry gave our radiators a power flush and he was so professional and so tidy in doing a great job that I would definitely recommend him.
Martyn Williams
Martyn Williams
Had a problem with my Mum's heating and was advised to get a power flush. I contacted Barry and booked a date in. Barry went through the details and arrived on time. He went over everything and provided an extremely professional service throughout. In fact, he spent longer than he needed to by trying to sort out an issue that was nothing to do with the power flush (a problem with the Vaillant boiler - Barry contacted Vaillant on our behalf). He spent the best part of 12 hours at my Mum's and left everything clean and tidy. I would 100% recommend Barry - top marks and a sound bloke who won't let you down.
Gary Collier
Gary Collier
Barry is an honest, reliable and helpful workman who goes the extra mike when needed. He is a rarity for a workman. I needed to have a power flush on my heating system as my radiators had not been heating up since November 22 and as i was advised by Baxi engineers as i pay a monthly cover that my system was clogged up, circulation was not good and needed flushing and this was not covered by them. I searched for this on google and came across Pro Powerflushing and re-searched their work and saw the review comments on Barry who carries out the powerflushing. I contacted Barry and he agreed to come the following week to flush my system. He arrived on time at 9:30 a.m. and set his equipment up. Couple of hours after starting the job, he told me that he was not happy with the flow of the system and started looking for blockage in my heating system that was preventing the flow. He followed pipe work and had to pull couple of floor boards up in one of the bedrooms to get to the pipe that was blocked. He found the pipe and cut it off so that he could clean it and put it back. He showed me the pipe and it was blocked really bad and he cleaned it and also put some rods through some of the other pipes to unblock them. When he cleaned them and put them back together again he carried on with the flushing of the system. This was a lot better and radiators would heat up but he still was not happy with the way the boiler would get up to temperature as quickly as it did and as I had a monthly cover on my boiler he suggested that one or two parts on my boiler was faulty and pointed them out to me. He was at my house for nearly 11 hours to sort out my heating and balanced my radiators. The following day I called the baxi engineers and explained what had been done. They confirmed that my diverter valve was stuck and leaking and replaced it and it started working properly and reached temperature properly as Barry had suggested. The Baxi engineer said that it is rare to come across a workman like Barry who goes the extra mile. Not only did he do the flushing of the system, but also found out where the blockage was and also when it was still not operating 100% he detected the problem. You may find some Powerflushing businesses who might be slightly cheaper but I can assure you they will not go that extra mile or do a better job.
Mehrdad Daliri
Mehrdad Daliri
Barry does a good job
Chris Smith
Chris Smith
Barry was one of 3 companies from whom I recently sought a quote for a powerflush of my heating system. Not only was his quote the best - British Gas quoted 3 TIMES his price, but carried out an online survey to ensure an accurate quote. He turned up EXACTLY on time, spent the day flushing and adjusting and explaining what he was doing with no fuss and a friendly manner. We all need our central heating looking after every so often. I have no hesitation in recommending Barry to anyone in the South Manchester or Cheshire area.First Class!!
Martin Duguid
Martin Duguid
My family & I are beyond grateful to Barry for coming to flush our 85 year old Mothers central heating system. We’ve struggled with the heating & boiler system for some time. Barry went to all lengths to ensure he didn’t leave until she had effective heating and hot water. It’s been a very long time since a tradesman has impressed us as much, going above & beyond to help us. I’d highly recommend him to anyone, a very kind, helpful man, a huge comfort to us knowing our mum now has heating and hot water.
Cathy Mangnall
Cathy Mangnall
We Found Barry from Google.He turned up on time and got to work.We are so pleased with the results. Barry carried out a full system flush of the central heating system. Our heating itls now working perfectly.
Martin Mason
Martin Mason
Highly recommended. Barry turned up on time and grafted non-stop until the job was finished. Good value for money.
Steve Robinson
Steve Robinson
I can’t recommend Pro Powerflushing enough. Barry provided great communication right from the start and delivered an excellent service right to the end. He went above and beyond what was expected, making sure a thorough and professional job was carried out on our central heating and underfloor heating systems. Overall, great value for money (compared to other quotes I received) and I would highly recommend!
Kareem El Nagar
Kareem El Nagar
Barry did a great job powerflushing our heating system and he really does put 100% into doing the best job he can possibly do, we had a problem radiator where anyone else would have packed up and gone not Barry he threw everything his expertise had learnt him at it and got it loads better than it was before loads better he's a grafter and provides a great service thanks barry
Whilst researching what a power flush involved we came across the Pro Power Flushing advert and we are so glad that after reading such good reviews we contacted Barry.The problem we had was hot radiators upstairs but cold ones downstairs and British Gas recommended a power flush but unfortunately this was not covered in our maintenance contract.After contacting Barry he very promptly arranged to carry out the work [ on Christmas Eve ] Barry spent all day doing the power flush but was not happy with the end result as he felt there was a severe blockage in one of the pipes and he told us he was determined to sort this out for us.True to his word Barry returned after the Christmas break and found the blockage, replaced the offending pipe which resulted in hot radiators throughout the house. An absolute luxury for us.Barry brought mats with him to protect the carpets and it was obvious whilst he was working that he had the greatest of respect for our home and caused the least disruption he possibly could.Not only is Barry a genuinely nice guy he is an expert in his field and his knowledge of central heating systems just blows you away.If anyone is doing their research with a power flush in mind then look no further we would certainly recommend Barry.
Ted beswick
Ted beswick
Barry carried out a power flush on my Dad's central heating system. Communication was very good, quick response to messages. Price was very good, especially compared to British gas quote! The work was professionally carried out, with no mess left afterwards. Highly recommended.
Joanne Binless
Joanne Binless
Barry really knows his stuff and is super helpful. Great service on a power flush of our heating system. Also helped identify a minor boiler fault and talked through options. Very professional and careful when working around the house. Would strongly recommend.
Gary Robinson
Gary Robinson


How much does a power flush cost?

This all depends on the size of your system i.e. number of radiators.  To give you a good price it’s best to have a chat with us as we need to ask questions to get you a clear definitive answer.

Should I power flush in winter or summer?

I was asked on my last power flush job last week if most customers leave the flushing until winter time, well to be honest they do was my reply

but that really is not the ideal time to flush the system, the last two winters have been terrible with many heating systems going down if I’m going to give any good advice on this subject I would say sooner than later, apart from anything else when the weather is warmer generally the system will be free and moving,

I personally would not wait until it gets cold!  As that’s when the majority of people do then you could be waiting days to get someone to look at it.  So avoid the rush hour in life where ever possible.

Also, start your system and run it up during summer, think of it like a car, if you dont start it up now and then it just won’t want to start at all eventually and that will be when you need it!

Why is my central heating not turning on?

Possible reasons: Thermostat issues, power supply problems, pilot light or ignition failure, or a malfunctioning control system.

Why is my central heating not producing enough heat?

Possible reasons:  Incorrect thermostat settings, dirty or clogged filters, air in the system, or a malfunctioning heating element.

Why is my central heating system making strange noises?

Possible reasons: Air trapped in the system, loose components, or pump problems.

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My Personal Guarantee to You

What does this mean? As a trained Kamco power flushing expert with thousands of satisfied client I can guarantee that your heating system will be working far more efficiently than before.

Nothing is more important to me than your complete and total satisfaction.

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