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The Problem

All Radiators in time rust internally and produce iron oxide Black ‘sludge’, The sludge moves around the central heating system and blocks pipes, valves boilers (pumps/heat exchangers/diverter valves two-port valves etc.

The Best Solution – Full Power flushing and Corrosion Safeguard

Power flushing equipment is connected to your central heating system and internally cleans the whole heating system without the need to take off all the radiators.

Powerful Chemicals are added to the system water which works on mobilising the sludge and rust. a powerful rare earth magnet is also connected to trap rust particles. Flushing water through individual radiators and giving attention to cold spots the sludge is loosened. The sludge flows from radiators and is collected at our magnet filter.

All the heating system and pipe work are power flushed until water samples are clean ph and tds levels are taken until we are as near neutral to tap water as possible.

A corrosion inhibitor is added to the clean water, sometimes through the pump, radiators are balanced and finally we issue you a Powerflushing certificate.

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