Hyde power flush

Do you need a power flush in hyde or ashton ?,we completed a powerflush last month in hyde ,all went well ,boiler was a worcester bosch combi ,we fully drained system down and went in through main flow and return ,we got a lot of sludge out of system and the radiators were hot again by the time we had finished the flush ,,and i was also full of tea and coffee ,i must learn to say no sometimes to drinks

Warrington powerflush

We just completed a powerflush in warrington last week ,a nitemare job it was to ,the boiler kept cycling turning itself on and off ,,it was by far the worst system i have completed for a long time ,the 2 port valve switch was adrift of its setting and actualy not attatched to the valve at all,air was being drawn into pump and also into the automatic air vent on pipework,header tank was also in a very bad position about 16 inches above boiler ,we cleared the pipes on the … Read More

power flush chorlton video

power flushing chorlton or strettford area,see our video for a recent job we completed in chorlton,the customer was infact a british gas customer who needed a power flush completed as it hadnt to his knowledge had a powerflush before,system was a combi with heat Bank store ,,all the powerflushing went well and radiators were up to tempreture ,see my video on youtube for more details or call or email me through the website Barry ayres        pro powerflushing   07836 353985  

power flush video knutsford

power flushing in knutsford ? if you need any powerflushing service carried out in knutsford please look at my video of a recent job we completed their ,the customer had various cold and lukewarm radiators with some completely blocked solid with metel flakes ,we did infact need to do a very small amount of repipe on this particular job ,but was all done and back up to tempreture by the time we had finished work! If you want a powerflush in knutsford then call me during daytime on 07836353985 or … Read More

central heating power flushing macclesfield

we recently power flushed a central heating system in macclesfield,system was open vented oil fired boiler 10 radiators and 2 towel radiators ,main problem was at one end of property the radiators were just not heating up as they shoud and were cold,tempretures were taken before and after completing flush ,,everything went as it shoud with one exeption that we diagnosed  the pump to be faulty ,we rebooked to come and change pump, when finished all radiators were up to tempreture and another happy customer with a warm house,,,click here to visit main site  … Read More